Our Zenoti integration keeps your scheduling/EHR system and CRM perfectly in sync in real time.

Overview & Popular Use Cases

Zenoti is a popular scheduling and EMR/EHR system used by medical spas, fitness centers and other businesses in the health and wellness industry. Our new integration allows you to have a fully connected practice by keeping your Dewy and Zenoti accounts in perfect sync.

Here are a few ways that our customers use this integration:

Sending data from Dewy to Zenoti

  • Create a guest: Create a new guest in Zenoti when a lead is created or moved to a specific stage in Dewy

Sending data from Zenoti to Dewy

  • Appointment completed: Move lead to Completed Treatment stage in lead management pipeline
  • Guest created: Create a new contact in Dewy in the event of an offline lead bypassing Dewy
  • Guest membership created: Update membership status in Dewy


Since every Zenoti account different, setting up this integration can be complex and might require some changes to your Zenoti account. The first step in setting up the integration is ensuring that the required fields to create a guest and opportunity within Zenoti align with those in Dewy.

Sending data from Dewy to Zenoti

Creating a new guest in Zenoti

To create a new guest in Zenoti, the only required fields to create a guest in your Zenoti account should be:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Phone number

Note: Every Zenoti account has different required fields depending on your practice's preferences. If there are more required fields to create a guest in your Zenoti account than the ones listed above, then the fields must be fully filled out in Dewy before a guest can be created. If you would like to make changes to the required fields needed to create a guest, please contact Zenoti.

Creating an opportunity in Zenoti

A guest must be created before an opportunity within Zenoti. The required fields in Zenoti to create an opportunity are:

  • Center ID
  • Opportunity Title
  • Guest ID
  • Employee ID
  • Follow-up date

Note: The required fields to create an opportunity in Zenoti are the same in every account.

Important: Zenoti's 90 day password reset feature

For most accounts, Zenoti has a feature that resets the password of all users every 90 days. Since our integration requires a user's login information, we recommend turning the 90 day password reset feature off to ensure maximum uptime and reliability. If you decide to keep 90 day password reset feature on, please anticipate downtime and potential missed data.


  • Starter and Pro Plans: $749 one time set up fee
  • Enterprise Plans: Free

Note: To use the Zenoti integration, you a need subscription to the Zenoti API package.

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