Our Squarespace integration allows you to automatically sync all of the form submissions on your website to your Dewy account.

Integration Overview

Squarespace is a popular website and landing page builder. Our integration allows you to automatically sync any form submission from Squarespace to your Dewy account so that your team can track, manage and convert these leads in one place.

Here are a few ways that our customer use the Squarespace integration:

  • Automatically capture all leads and sync them to Dewy
  • Create new patient contacts in Dewy from online orders

Setup & Implementation

Our team is here to set up and implement the Squarespace integration for all customers.

Step 1: Find your API key

Your unique API key is a randomized string of characters which permits authenticated access to your Squarespace account.

To create a new key:

  1. In the Home Menu, click Settings, then click Advanced.
  2. Click Developer API Keys
  3. Click Generate Key
  4. Enter a Key Name (enter 'Dewy')
  5. Under Permissions, check Orders, Forms, Inventory, or Transactions. Forms are available in the Business plan or higher. Orders, Inventory, and Transactions are only available in the Commerce Advanced plan.
  6. Select the permissions for the API key
  7. Click Next
  8. Copy your unique API key

Step 2: Send the API to our team by emailing your dedicated Customer Success Manager or by submitting a support ticket

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