The Calendly integration allows you to sync all of your appointments and patient data with Dewy.

Integration Overview

Calendly is easy online appointment scheduling software that modernizes and streamlines the patient acquisition process. Save time by having your patients book consultations or appointments online, on their own, at any time, anywhere in the world. Using Calendly with Dewy will let you sync new appointments as new or updated contacts, which you can then use our powerful marketing automation platform to connect with those contacts.

  • Have your patients book their own appointments
  • Subscribe and segment new patients automatically
  • Send patients appointment reminders
  • Automatically adjust rescheduled appointments
  • Update patients' lead status automatically based on appointment changes

Popular Use Cases

Personal, easy to schedule touchpoints

Add contacts to specific lists or segments based on the information they provide, so you can send personalized follow-up based on details from Calendly.

Automate your sales management

Seamlessly create or update deals in your sales pipeline when a contact books, changes, or cancels a meeting in Calendly, so you can focus on selling more and serving your customers.

Qualify leads faster

Automatically fill your calendar with appointments and use information gathered from the Calendly booking flow to qualify leads, and identify those who might be ready to purchase.

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