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How Elias Dermatology doubled CoolSculpting utilization

"We learned that lead generation doesn't work if you don't have a CRM and strong nurturing system to convert people over time. Having a marketing automation system like Dewy is the foundation of positive, long lasting practice growth."

Matthew J. Elias, DO, FAAD
Elias Dermatology
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increase in lead to consult rate


increase in patient lifetime value

45 min.

saved per day per staff member

The problem

Trying to build a profitable CoolSculpting business in a highly saturated area

Dr. Elias started with CoolSculping in 2016 and, like most new providers, was excited to put the machine to work to make more money and offer another treatment to his patients. Soon after starting, Dr. Elias and his team worked with several marketing agencies to start generating leads and getting patients in the door.

After a hefty marketing investment, leads started coming in and his staff started calling. And calling. And calling.

A few months went by and they had yet to bring in a new patient.

It took almost a year of frustration for Dr. Elias and his team to understand that traditional lead generation wasn't going to work. The cost to acquire a patient was too high and most leads weren't ready to book yet.

That's what led Dr. Elias to Dewy.

"We learned that lead generation doesn't work if you don't have a CRM and strong nurturing system to convert people over time. Having a marketing automation system like Dewy is the missing piece of the practice growth puzzle."

- Dr. Matthew Elias

Before starting with Dewy, here are some of the problems that Elias Dermatology faced:

  • Trying to manage and track leads using spreadsheets
  • Not being able to convert unresponsive leads
  • Missing revenue opportunities by forgetting about leads who aren't ready to book yet
  • Not engaging leads with educational content via email and SMS
  • Wasting hours per week following up with leads instead of spending that time building face-to-face relationships with existing patients

Keep reading to see how Elias Dermatology used Dewy to segment, engage, convert and retain both CoolSculpting leads and their entire patient database alike.

Dewy's solutions

Organize, segment and prioritize all patient leads in Dewy's CRM

When you have leads coming in from multiple sources, one of the biggest time sucks is getting them all in one place, segmenting them based on source and prioritizing them based on quality.

Before Dewy, the Elias Dermatology team was using several shared spreadsheets to manage their leads. Having to constantly update these sheets created confusion and frustration. Felicia, the CoolSculpting manager, was never sure about who contacted which leads and when, which ultimately led to leads being double-called or not called at all.

"Dewy's CRM formats, tags and buckets patients based on what form they submitted. What's even cooler is that Dewy tracks a lead's engagement on our website: this gives our team better sales intelligence and allows us to qualify and prioritize leads with ease."

- Felicia M., CoolSculpting Manager

Elias Dermatology used Dewy to put all of their leads into one place and streamline lead outreach. With Dewy, you can:

  • Say goodbye to tracking leads in spreadsheets
  • See which sources leads came from and what forms they filled out
  • Know what leads are ready to book and when based on their website, email and SMS engagement
  • Rest easy knowing that you're never missing a lead

Engage patient leads using Dewy's pre-built email and SMS sequences

Since most of their CoolSculpting leads weren't ready to book yet, one of the biggest problems that Elias Dermatology faced was keeping these people engaged overtime.

At Elias Dermatology, they discovered that keeping leads engaged overtime is a never ending job that takes time away from other practice duties. Developing a communication strategy, writing email blasts and coordinating calls took the team hours of work per day.

Dewy's custom branded, pre-built email and SMS workflows nurture leads during every step of the patient journey can save your staff hours of work per week and boost conversions.

"Once leads who we thought weren't interested started booking months later, we realized that tens of thousands of dollars were sitting in our CRM. Automated patient engagement is the only way to convert them."

- Dr. Matthew Elias

Elias Dermatology used Dewy's pre-built email and SMS workflows to engage patients at every step of the CoolSulpting journey. From the initial form submission to completed treatment, Dewy's pre-built email and SMS sequences ensure that:

  • Every single lead is nurtured with branded emails and text messages
  • Patients are being educated about the treatments your practice offers
  • You are maximizing every patient lead and not missing out on revenue opportunities
  • Your team saves hours of work per week doing patient outreach

Forgetting about leads who aren't ready to book yet can cost your practice thousands of dollars of missed revenue every month. Constant patient engagement is the only solution to keep your practice top of mind and convert leads over time.

Converting more patients with online booking

89% of patients say that they would rather book online than call over the phone.

Elias Dermatology used Dewy's integration with Acuity Scheduling to supercharge CoolSculpting conversions. This integration modernized the patient experience and allowed leads to book consults and appointments online with one click. This ease of booking boosted Dr. Elias' lead to consult rate by 67%.

Check out the full list of tools and scheduling softwares that Dewy integrates with here.

"The integration with Acuity was so seamless and enjoyable for patients. Once a patient booked, they immediately got a text confirmation, calendar invite and more before & afters. Patients love it."

- Felicia M., CoolSculpting Manager

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