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How Cool Contours uses lead nurturing to power practice growth

"We're a new practice with only 3 people, so there's no time to keep up with marketing. With Dewy, we can be confident that every lead is not only contacted by one of our staff members, but also continually nurtured through thoughtful texts and emails. Every lead is in a different stage of the buying process and Dewy helps us to capture, contact and track every step of the way."

Jennifer Kim, PA-C
Cool Contours
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increase in lead to consult rate


revenue growth rate

37 min.

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The problem

Trying to grow a practice in addition to the full time job of managing and treating patients

At new practices, it's common that every employee wears multiple hats, normally at the same time. This is especially true at Cool Contours, a bustling three woman practice in Virginia that only does CoolSculpting and CoolTone.

When Cool Contours first opened in 2018, Jennifer Kim, the founder and owner, was doing almost everything herself: checking patients, administrative work, performing treatments, following up for before and after photos - the list goes on and on.

With how busy Jennifer was, creating a marketing strategy began to feel like an afterthought. And, like many practice owners, she thought that the highly complex marketing strategies used by some of the most successful practices in the country were totally out of her budget.

After talking to some of her dermatology colleagues on Facebook, Jennifer understood that she needed a CRM, and that's how she found Dewy.

"As our patient list grew and our practice got busier, it was impossible to nurture each lead individually and follow up consistently with every patient that came in for a CoolSculpting consultation. With Dewy, we can be confident that every lead is not only contacted by one of our staff members, but also continually nurtured by thoughtful texts and emails. Every lead is in a different stage of the buying process and Dewy helps us to capture, contact and track every step of the way."

- Jennifer Kim, PA

Before starting with Dewy, here are some of the problems that Cool Contours faced:

  • Trying to manage and track leads using spreadsheets
  • Not being able to convert unresponsive leads
  • Missing revenue opportunities by forgetting about leads who aren't ready to book yet
  • Not engaging leads with educational content via email and SMS
  • Wasting hours per week following up with leads instead of spending that time building face-to-face relationships with existing patients

Keep reading to see how Cool Contours used Dewy to segment, engage, convert and retain both CoolSculpting leads and their entire patient database alike.

Dewy's solutions

Putting all of Cool Contour's marketing into a single, organized place

When you have leads coming in from multiple sources, one of the biggest time sucks is getting them all in one place, segmenting them based on source and prioritizing them based on quality.

Before Dewy, the Cool Contours team was using several shared spreadsheets to manage their leads. Having to constantly update these sheets created confusion and frustration. As her list of leads grew, Jennifer was never sure about who contacted which leads and when, which ultimately led to leads being double-called or not called at all.

"Since Dewy brings all of our leads into a single platform, I can see how well our ads, influencers, partners, and even referrals are working. Setting an advertising budget can be challenging especially for a new practice, but Dewy has helped in making sure that I am getting a return on my ad investment and that my dollars are spent in the right places."

- Jennifer Kim, PA

Cool Contours used Dewy to put all of their leads into one place, streamline lead outreach and see overall ad performance across multiple channels. With Dewy, you can:

  • Say goodbye to tracking leads in spreadsheets
  • See which sources leads came from and what forms they filled out
  • Know what leads are ready to book and when based on their website, email and SMS engagement
  • Rest easy knowing that you're never missing a lead

Saving hours of follow up per week using Dewy's custom lead nurturing workflows

A huge problem that the team at Cool Contours faced was following up with leads as soon as possible when they were constantly being called to do other pressing duties like treating or talking to patients.

Since every team member wears multiple hats, saving time with marketing automation means more money in the bank, more time to build face-to-face relationships and more time to do new patient consults.

Using Dewy's pre-built, customized email and SMS workflows, Jennifer automated a majority of her lead outreach and patient follow ups. She estimates that her and her staff save an average of 37 minutes per day with Dewy.

"By contacting every lead multiple times and fully nurturing leads every step of the way, Dewy allows our team to have more time to treat patients."

- Jennifer Kim, PA

Cool Contours used Dewy's pre-built email and SMS workflows to engage patients at every step of the CoolSculpting and CoolTone journey. From the initial form submission to completed treatment, Dewy's pre-built email and SMS sequences ensure that:

  • Every single lead is nurtured with branded emails and text messages
  • Patients are being educated about the treatments your practice offers
  • You are maximizing every patient lead and not missing out on revenue opportunities
  • Your team saves hours of work per week doing patient outreach

Just because someone fills out a form online doesn't mean that they are to ready to book. Forgetting about these leads can cost your practice thousands of dollars of missed revenue every month. Constant patient engagement is the only solution to keep your practice top of mind and convert leads over time.

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