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Basis Aesthetics uses Dewy as their homebase to convert, retain and upsell new patients

"I can honestly say, if I didn’t have Dewy in place, I would not be nearly as successful in my job as a CoolSculpting provider. Thank you for creating something that is user friendly, thoughtfully designed, customizable and efficient. I truly believe it’s the single best investment we’ve made in our business."

Carla Williams, LMA
Basis Aesthetics
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32x ROI

on Dewy per month

45 min.

saved on lead management per day


increase in lead to consult rate

Basis Medical & Aesthetics is a medical spa and wellness center with two locations in South Florida. Being in a saturated and competitive market, Basis was losing patients to bigger practices that offered discounts and had full time sales teams.

Before they found Dewy, Basis didn’t have a system that tracked and organized their leads. Instead, they were using sticky notes and manual calendar reminders to follow up and keep track of their patients. This resulted in hours of wasted time and thousands of missed revenue each month.

The problem

Losing dozens of revenue opportunities per month due to an unorganized and sporadic sales process

"We had no defined path in place for following up with new leads or tracking them based on where they were in our sales pipeline. Each patient “touch” required multiple notes in our scheduling software that really wasn’t built for tracking a lead through to completion. We had sticky notes everywhere and reminders set on our calendars and phones to complete certain tasks, but it was impossible for all of us to know who was doing what. Not effective or efficient at all! Everything changed when we found Dewy."

Here are some of the problems Basis faced before joining Dewy:

  • No defined processes in place for following up with and converting new leads
  • Extremely low lead engagement and conversion rate
  • No system to track leads based on where they were in the sales pipeline
  • No way centralized way to communicate with patients

Dewy’s Solutions

Building automated lead nurturing funnels and creating a replicable sales process

Dewy completely changed Basis Medical & Aesthetics’s sales process for the better. Our team customized Basis’s CRM and built:

  • A color-coded sales pipeline that covers each step in the customer journey
  • Automated lead nurturing funnels that keep leads engaged with branded emails and texts
  • Automated task reminders that keep each team member on track and ensure accountability with lead outreach
  • Dozens of branded email templates and saved responses that the Basis team uses to send promotions to their contact database
"Being able to clearly see leads in a pipeline and knowing where each lead is at a glance based on their stage is huge! We can quickly see who needs follow up, who’s about to be due for follow up, what steps have been taken and what tasks have been completed by looking at the leads’ activity timeline, and more. Dewy has been a life saver by automatically entering our new leads in the system, enrolling them in the lead nurturing funnels and engaging them with the branded emails and texts! That automated engagement with the new lead makes a huge difference with our conversions and buys us a little time until we’re able to personally pick up the phone and call the person ourselves."

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